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This effort is predicated on your donations and sponsorships.  The Anchorage LSPW cost just over $500,000 to design and construct, approximately 11 years ago.  We estimate that the Colorado Springs model will cost somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million. However, we won’t be able to estimate its cost accurately until we agree on a design concept with the City of Colorado Springs.

We plan to have signage acknowledging each donor who contributes at least $25.  Entities who donate at least $1,000 will receive enhanced recognition in the form of their company's names printed in larger lettering or possibly engraved in the Sun pavilion walkway surface.  Organizations can also sponsor individual planet pavilions and have their company name and logo printed on the planet signage in addition to the central Sun pavilion signage.  Please contribute or sponsor by clicking the 'Donate Now' button above.


We thank all who have supported us in the ongoing project of building the Colorado Springs Planet Walk for the public. We express our gratitude particularly to the following community leaders who have shown their support for the project:

Mr. Andrew Vick,

Executive Director, Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region

Mr. Bryan DeBates,

Vice President, Education, Space Foundation

Mr. Lawrence McCants,

President, Taos Trust Company

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