Planet Walk Mission to Mars

  • FREE Event:  Walk to the Mars!

  • When:  10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, October 12, 2019

  • Where:  UCCS Student Center

  • Web site:

  • Questions:  719-660-3449

Planet Walk Colorado Springs and are sponsoring a demonstration event to publicize a speed-of-light model of our Solar System.  Planet Walk Colorado Springs will host a booth located at the Student Center and will install temporary planet monuments along the "Spine" sidewalk, as far out as Mars. No registration or fees are required.


Our goal is to permanently install a scale model of our solar system along the Santa Fe Trail starting at America the Beautiful Park. The speed of light would be scaled down to equal an average walking pace, so it would take you about 8 minutes to walk from the model of the sun to the model of the earth! 

WHAT TO BRING: Your sense of wonder and a sense of humor.  We’ll be there to have fun! Wear appropriate clothing and bring water to keep you hydrated during your trip to Mars! 

WHAT NOT TO LEAVE BEHIND: Trash or debris of any kind.  We must leave UCCS exactly as we found it.

WHAT NOT TO DO:  No one is allowed to behave in an alien manner!  Violators will be sentenced to do HARD time on Pluto and may also be sanctioned by the University.

Directions to UCCS:

Use Google Maps on your phone, but please get it set up to navigate before you start driving!